Mánaðarskipt færslusafn fyrir: ágúst 2017

Fyrirlestrar Miðaldastofu

Frank Brandsma

How did they do it? Sex in the Middle Ages

Þriðjudaginn 29. ágúst 2017 kl. 16.30
Lögbergi 101

Frank Brandsma

Of course medieval people had sex, otherwise we would not exist. But did they do things differently then? In a time of arranged marriages was there room for love and passion? How did people fall in love? To answer all of the questions you may come up with, we will look at images and texts representing sex, sexual behaviour and rules of conduct (also for dummies). Chivalric romance presents role models, but there also are more factual texts, describing how children are conceived, how twins are possible, and so on. The animal world provided important lessons for medieval lovers as well. The meeting will take the form of a Q&A rather than a traditional lecture.

Frank Brandsma teaches Comparative Literature (Middle Ages) at Utrecht University. In his research, he focuses on narrative technique and emotions in Arthurian Literature. He has published widely on this subjects, on the narrative technique of interlace and on the presentation of direct discourse in medieval romance. With Dr. Sif Ríkharðsdóttir and others, he will teach an international class on Arthurian Literature this fall semester in Reykjavik and Utrecht.

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