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The Age of the Sturlungs

Age of Sturlungs veggspjald 01

Centre for Medieval Studies Lecture Series 2015–2016: Call for Papers

The Age of the Sturlungs

The Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Iceland, is pleased to announce that the theme for the lecture series 2015–2016 will be “The Age of the Sturlungs”—Sturlungaöld. Academic papers are sought from all fields of study (literature, archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, history, folkloristics, onomastics to name a few disci-plines) which present new research into aspects of the time period that has been designated “The Age of the Sturlungs.” Themes that might be explored include research into the dynastic dynamics of power and the concentration of power in Iceland, the Republic vs monarchy, foreign power and influence, vassals and the efficacy of the Norwegian King, the Icelandic Church and the Archdiocese of Trondheim, literary culture and production, scholarly achieve-ments, and of course the Sturlunga compilation. The aim is to build up a cross-disciplinary overview of the leading developments in research into this period and it is intended that ultimately, the papers will be published in the form of a peer-reviewed volume

The lectures will follow the same format as those delivered as part of the Centre for Medieval Studies’ 2014–2015 series. Papers (in English or Icelandic) should last 35 to 40 minutes and will be fol-lowed by open questions and discussion. The usual time will be Thursdays at 16.30 and lectures will be held on the University of Iceland campus. Sessions will be scheduled over the course of autumn and winter 2015–2016.

Those interested should send a title accompanied by a 250-word abstract to Haraldur Bernharðsson ( no later than 15th August 2015.