The Settlement of Iceland

Christopher Callow

The construction of colonisation stories

The case of the landnám in northern Iceland

Thursday March 5, 2015, at 16.30
Oddi 101

Christopher Callow
Christopher Callow

The reality of when and how Iceland was colonised is unlikely to be represented in the surviving medieval narrative accounts we have in Íslendingasögur and other texts. This paper will consider instead how and why particular kinds of account of the landnám for Iceland’s medieval Northern Quarter were written in the particular form they were. It will consider these in the context of literary production in twelfth- and thirteenth-century Iceland and the likely wider political situation.

Christopher Callow is a Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Birmingham. He wrote his PhD thesis on the history of medieval western Iceland and has published on topics connected with Iceland (on Landnámabók, burial archaeology) and early medieval western Europe.

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