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The Settlement of Iceland


Centre for Medieval Studies Lecture Series 2014–2015

The Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Iceland, is pleased to announce that the theme for the lecture series 2014–2015 will be the settlement of Iceland. Academic papers are sought from all fields of study (literature, linguistics, archaeology, anthropology, history, memory studies, folkloristics, onomastics, natural sciences, genetics — to name a few) about new research on the settlement of Iceland.
Relevant topics could include research on different sources pertaining to the settlement (archaeological/material remains, written sources, place names, human/animal DNA); on the origins and history of the settlers; on the influence they had on the land, vegetation and ecology; research on language and culture and various aspects of the society that was formed in the new land. Other countries in the North Atlantic (or even beyond) might be looked to for a comparative perspective. The aim is to build up an inter-disciplinary overview of as many new developments in research in this area as possible. It is envisaged that the lectures will be collected together and published in a peer-reviewed book.
The lectures will follow the same format as those delivered as part of the Centre for Medieval Studies’ 2013–2014 series. Papers (in English or Icelandic) should last 35 to 40 minutes and will be followed by open questions and discussion. The usual time will be Thursdays at 16.30 and lectures will be held on the University of Iceland campus. Sessions will be scheduled over the course of autumn and winter 2014–2015.
Those interested should send a title accompanied by a 250-word abstract to Haraldur Bernharðsson ( no later than 1st August 2014.