Íslenskar miðaldakirkjur í nýju ljósi

Thursday 7th November 2013, 16.30
Lögberg 101

Two lectures about the Church in medieval Iceland will be held as part of the Miðaldastofa seminar series on Thursday 7th November at 16.30. Þorsteinn Gunnarsson will talk about the Hólar churches Hálldórukirkja and Péturskirkja, and Gunnar Harðarson will discuss new ideas about Gíslakirkja and Klængskirkja, Skálholt.

Þorsteinn Gunnarsson

Halldórukirkja og Péturskirkja á Hólum í nýju ljósi

ÞG 3
Þorsteinn Gunnarsson

This lecture will focus on two of the older Hólar churches, in particular their sizes and construction, on the basis of written sources.

Þorsteinn Gunnarsson is an architect from the School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He also studied the archaeology of buildings at the French School of Archaeology in Athens.  He is the secretary for the Kirkjur Íslands publication series.


Gunnar Harðarson

Nýjar hugmyndir um Gíslakirkju og Klængskirkju í Skálholti

Gunnar Harðarson

Three cathedral churches were built at Skálholt in the medieval period — Gissurarkirkja (1082), Klængskirka (1153) and Árnakirkja (1311) — and two were erected during the Reformation period — Ögmundarkirkja (1527) and Gíslakirkja (1570). It is generally reckoned that each church was similar to its predecessor and the later ones built on the foundations of the earlier ones. This paper will compare certain written sources with archaeological findings with regard to this question.


Gunnar Harðarson is a Professor in the Faculty of History and Philosophy and director of the MA programme in Medieval Studies.