Fyrirlestrar Miðaldastofu 2016–2017

Pernille Hermann

Memory, Space, and Narrative in Saga Literature

Fimmtudaginn 12. janúar 2017 kl. 16.30
Odda 101

Pernille Hermann

Many parts of Old Norse-Icelandic literature, especially the sagas of Icelanders, are immensely preoccupied with spatial anchoring. This talk will deal with literary spaces in the context of memory, and it will be discussed how spatial anchoring can be connected to mnemonic techniques, such as the method of loci, used by the saga authors. The talk will also address how mnemonic spaces offer important background structures that serve as organising narrative units. The focus of the talk will be on man-made spatial constructions, such as buildings and their interior; examples will be taken from the sagas of Icelanders, and Eddic material will be included as a comparative framework.

Pernille Hermann is associate professor of Scandinavian literature at Aarhus University. Her research interest centres on Old Norse literature and culture. Her research addresses such areas as literary criticism and theory in the Middle Ages, orality and literacy, memory culture, genre and human geography.

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